Best Places in Arkansas to Satisfy Your Crab Legs Cravings! (2024)

The Natural State is known for its vast collection of lakes, rivers, and freshwater bodies but it’s a completely landlocked state, at quite a distance from any coast.

Locals love to indulge in seafood so there are some great seafood joints in Arkansas.

From shrimp, crawfish, and tons of different fish to crabs, local restaurants serve many fresh and flavorful seafood dishes.

Among them, Crab legs are a specialty many people thoroughly enjoy.

In fact, many people travel from all over to try out crab legs from the places listed below.

They are simply that good here!

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Dondie’s White River Princess Restaurant

Open only on Thursday through Saturday and also on the first Sunday of the Month, this Des Arc seafood restaurant is highly sought after and often requires waiting in line.

But that just goes to show the quality seafood they serve.

Dondie’s White River Princess Restaurant is primarily a seafood restaurant that also serves some mean steak and bbq.

Built in a two-story riverboat-designed building complete with a small “deck”, the restaurant has a unique and eye-catching location.

It also has outstanding waterfront views of the White River.

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It is one of the best places to get crab legs in Arkansas!

This place serves delicious crab legs by the pound which you can order for dinner any day.

The buffet here is very popular, and it includes, catfish steaks and filets, fried chicken tenders, boiled or fried shrimp, with sides of coleslaw, potato salad, hushpuppies, and a variety of salads.

They also offer an extensive selection of desserts if you are up for it after their amazing seafood feast.

The service is great!

The waitstaff is friendly and professional as well, so the complete experience is more pleasant.

Address: 203 E Curran St, Des Arc, AR 72040-9313

Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is a great place to stop by for a meal on a day out at the Lake.

You can enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Hamilton and the pleasant weather while seated at the tables on the patio.

Or if the weather is too hot, there is also indoor seating.

Lake Hamilton delivers a charming background to your meal.

You can watch the boats sailing across the crystal clear waters of the lake or feed the geese, ducks, and turtles while waiting to be served.

Or keep the kids engrossed while eating-It is a great place to eat out as a family.

This family-owned restaurant has been open since 2001 and has over twenty years of experience perfecting its recipes, serving guests, and turning them into regulars.

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You can enjoy their decadent crab legs sold by the pound which are affordable and delicious.

They are open Tuesdays to Sundays but unfortunately, do not offer reservations.

If you’re planning to visit with a large party, the earlier you arrive the better.

Underwater Seafood

As the name suggests this is a nautical-themed restaurant that serves some of the most mouthwatering variety of seafood available in Arkansas.

However, what sets it apart from others is the generous portions served here.

They call themselves the “home of the jumbo crab”.

Each cluster of crab legs is big enough to fill up an entire platter!

Their most popular menu items include The Captain, The Anchor, The Admiral, The Skipper, and The Shipmate.

Each of them is a combination of crab legs or shrimp with sides of potato, sausages, eggs, corn, some sauces, and such.

These package deals are of varying serving sizes and price points.

Be sure to check out their seafood potato and seafood pasta which are some favorites at the restaurant.

One thing is for sure, if you eat here you’re going to leave with a full heart and a full belly!

Address: 916 S Cherry St, Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Sandra Rose Kitchen

Like your crab legs with a little kick to them?

Try Sandra Rose Kitchen, a food truck in Little Rock that serves the juiciest and buttery crab legs, well seasoned with a Cajun flair.

Sandra’s special Ragin Cajun Sauce is the secret ingredient that has crab legs bursting with flavor.

Eat My Catfish

If there is one thing that this Benton diner ensures it is quality ingredients.

They source farm-raised catfish, shrimp, and crabs, and fresh, free-range Arkansas chicken grown with no hormones and non-GMO to prepare their dishes.

They serve ingeniously flavored quality ingredients. Their dishes are well seasoned and the sides are mild enough to offset the spicy kick of their extensive collection of entrees.

They have a huge seafood menu that serves everything from their famous Catfish, shrimp, Po’boys, and also chicken.

It is clear that all their recipes are carefully crafted, from classic menu items to some with a more modern twist.

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They even have a kids’ menu.

And finally, to round off your meal they also serve dessert.

You can choose a pie of apple, peach, strawberry, chocolate, or coconut flavor and for only two you can add on ice cream.

Overall, this place is amazing, the staff is sincere and helpful; the food is phenomenal; the service is quick and the prices are decent for the quality they serve.

Address: 1205 Military Rd. Ste 7 Corner of Sutherlands Shopping Center, Benton, AR 72015-2918

Flying fish

Flying fish is one of the most frequented Cajun Style seafood-serving eateries in Little Rock.

And for good reason.

Their menu is massive and offers many Cajun and American-style seafood dishes.

Their menu includes Appetizers such as Crawfish Chowder, Lobster Stew, Jalapeno chips, Crispy shrimp, and salmon or chicken salads.

Entrees such as Grilled Tilapia or Shrimp Tacos, and a vast selection of fiery and flavorful po’boy loaves.

Their seafood baskets, Grilled platters, and Boiled platters provide more variety as well.

As for crab legs, they are exceptionally well-seasoned and buttery snow crabs.

This place also sells crab legs by the pound as is standard practice.

Everything is made from excellent quality ingredients and served hot.

The tartar sauce and co*cktail sauce served on tap enhance the taste exponentially!

The service is prompt, and the staff is friendly.

If you’re in Little Rock or close by you have to visit this place at least once.

Of course, you will keep going back after that!

Address: 511 President Clinton Ave Little Rock, AR 72201

Best Places in Arkansas to Satisfy Your Crab Legs Cravings! (2024)


What state is known for the best crab legs? ›

Alaskan King Crab Legs - Main Menu - Woody's Crab House - Voted Best Seafood 20 Years Running.

What is the best tasting crab legs? ›

King crab vs snow crab taste very differently and their meat is usually used for different purposes. The King crab is known as the best of the best when it comes to crab meat and it is usually a delicacy and eaten on its own or with a buttery dip.

What is the best crab legs to eat? ›

There are many types of crab legs, but king crabs have the largest claws, making them one of the best for eating. Each claw is filled with a long, thick spear of white, sweet-tasting meat similar to lobster's flavor. The shells are difficult to crack, so it's best to use a cracking tool to get to the meat inside.

What state has king crab legs? ›

The Alaskan king crab, also known as the red king crab is found in the waters around Alaska. King crabs are born in shallow waters, but travel deeper as they age, motivated by more appropriate food sources. They return to shallow waters to mate, starting the cycle all over again.

What state is most known for crabs? ›

The Chesapeake Bay, located in Maryland and Virginia, is famous for its blue crabs, and they are one of the most important economic items harvested from it.

What time of year is best to eat crab legs? ›

The primary season for all crab species is October to January, when they are often at their largest and populations are highest after spawning. Some regions even stretch crabbing season into July.

Should I buy fresh or frozen crab legs? ›

For the freshest flavor, ask for frozen crab legs and thaw them yourself at home. To thaw crab legs, arrange the legs on a rimmed baking sheet and place in the refrigerator for about eight hours or overnight. Once crab legs have thawed, cook according to our handy crab leg cooking guide.

What is the sweetest crab leg? ›

Blue Crab. The blue crab is among the best types of crab due to its sweetness and quality flavor. Many describe the flavor as rich and buttery. The taste of the claw meat also has a nutty flavor.

What part of a crab can you not eat? ›

The crab's lungs appear as feathery cones lining the side of the body. Remove them and throw them away. An old wives' tale says crab lungs are toxic, but they're actually just not digestible and taste terrible.

Are crab legs healthy to eat? ›

Like other seafood, crab is a low-fat, healthy source of protein that gives you energy and increases your metabolism. In fact, crab has about the same amount of protein per 100 grams as other meats, but without all the saturated fat.

What state is known for crab legs? ›

Alaskan King Crab from Great Alaska Seafood is the finest grade crab, with a very high ratio of meat in each leg!

Which crab legs taste better? ›

King crab has an undeniable reputation for its flavor. One bite will usually turn anyone's taste bud into an undying fan. It has a sweet, mild flavor, and is often compared to lobster. Snow crab meat is also sweet, but bears a subtle briny flavor not found in king crab.

What is the best crab for the money? ›

Snow Crab. Like King crabs, Snow crabs have very long legs that provide a lot of their meat, which is a little more fibrous than King crab, but very tasty. Because their legs are thinner and less impressive than king crab legs, they are less popular with restaurants and thus more affordable for you.

Where is the best crab in the US? ›

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

The area rakes in a third of all the blue crabs that are harvested in America and it has become an iconic staple. The pièce de résistance? A generous amount of Old Bay seasoning—a glorious blend of 18 spices that pairs perfectly with steamed crabs and makes them finger-linkin' good.

Why are Maryland crabs the best? ›

Maryland crabs are the best because of the “mustard” as we call it, that bright yellow liquid, that sweetens the meat of the crab. This is actually the hepatopancreas, a main component of the crab's digestive system that looks like tubes acting as the crabs liver and pancreas.

Where is the best crab caught? ›

Some of the most popular saltwater crabs to catch are the king and snow crab, which are common in Alaska, Dungeness on the West Coast, and the Atlantic blue crab, also commonly known as the Chesapeake blue crab.

What state in the US has the best seafood? ›

Not only are California's waters chock-full of amazing seafood, there are also many amazing restaurants highlighting the bounty. What is surprising about California is that it might just have better seafood than you can get in Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, or any other state well-known for seafood dishes.


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